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Ladies and Gentlemen ,

The company “DEMIR IMPEX-s” exists od 1990 godina with permanent seats
Kumanovo street ” Christian Karposh ” and no.34 “11th November” bb
In 1992 the first manufacturing plant opened in core business
production and installation of doors , windows , shutters , skylights , railings and PVC
aluminum glazing glass . Advocates are the renowned manufacturer “REHAU”
Germany. Within the plant possess modern German brand line of “URBAN”, which has a production capacity of 60 windows per day. The capacity of this
product line allows us to fully align the deadlines for delivery and
installation of joinery dynamism of construction .

Izrabotka I monta `a na site vidovi na gara` ni vrati: rolo vrati, segmentni panelni I industriski vrati, aluminski segmentni I industriski vrati.

powered computer , digital and CNC machines serve professionally trained
team in Austria.

Employees have certificates and awards for their knowledge .
The company “DEMIR IMPEX-s” running its business policy has failed to gain
a high rating in the market for the production of PVC carpentry and become one of
leading companies of this branch in the country. Its success and build international cooperation , primarily in Western European countries where quality and professionalism in the first place . We export PVC carpentry in Germany , Switzerland and Belgium and in neighboring Serbia, Albania and Montenegro are constantly present .
Confirmation of our paper is most awards. Winners are the
November prize for 2003 as company of the year , and have other
recognition of the participation of more fair and public events .
Sincerely ,

Our Specialty

Making garage doors
Making PVC carpentry
Making blinds
Making fences
Making facades
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