- Structural width : 86 mm average seal
- Fully Reinforced Window System without additional steel reinforcement – Excellent stability thanks to high – tech material RAU – FIPRO, perfect profile construction and integrated amplified system (IVS)
- Visible width of 115 mm for optimal leakage of light
- Optimal storage spaces
- Easier handling and installation thanks to 40 % less weight against standard window systems
- Functional Live termomoduli for optimizing insulation qualities
- Large crease depth of 66 mm allows for placement of triple glazing
- Reduced pressure and perceptible easier opening and closing through newly developed geometry of seals
- HDF – area (High Definition Finishing): high quality , exquisite , extraordinary smooth and easy to maintain
- Environmentally friendly , recyclable because
- Perfect Energy efficiency – with family GENEO ( windows , doors , retractable – sliding doors ) provide optimal insulation of the building

Energy efficiency to perfection : Full reinforced window profile from high-tech material RAU – FIPRO ® ®

GENEO energy is the best window profile which currently has a market construction depth 86 mm.
What makes it special is the high-tech material RAU – FIPRO . It is a fibrous material connecting network that provides great stability profile . In 90 % of the received longer required steel reinforcement as the other window profiles . That way GENEO receive the best value of thermal insulation , thermal bridges because that creates the application of steel accounted for . Also with GENEO are already more than met the criteria sets Rules for saving electricity (EnEV). At the same time this system offers optimum prerequisites for design and comfort – without compromises for thermal insulation .


Structural width: 86 mm / secondary seal
Number of cameras: 6 cameras
Thermal insulation: Uf to 0,86 W / m² K
Energy saving: up to 76% *
Material: laminated fibrous material RAU-FIPRO, extruded outer layer of high RAU-PVC of best quality surface
Sound isolation: without steel reinforcement to Rw, P = 47 dB (with glazing Rw = 50 dB)
Protection against theft: up to protection class 3 to class 2 protection without steel
Vъzduhopropusklivost 4 (EN 12207)
Sealing the drench: 9A (EN 12208)


Many architectural opportunities through individual shapes – round, angle, arc, with shprosi for the first time can be realized fully reinforced
Various possibilities for decorating schedule through tunnels, paint or aluminum shutters
Inserting with light gray accents garnish with white profiles and garnish with black colored profiles
20 °-gradient 5 mm external radius of elegant optics
Additional options for layout design wings swept through

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